Drug & Alcohol Services

Prevention, Diversion, and Intervention

Restorative Practice for Students, Rebuilding Foundations for Adults!


TRY offers quality prevention services to youth, adults and families throughout Allegheny County to reduce early initiation of substance abuse and increase decision making skills.  The services are within the community and School setting.  Services include:

  • Drug and Alcohol Pre-screenings and Referrals
  • Individual sessions, and Follow-ups
  • Small  Groups
  • Class-room Presentations
  • Alternative Activities
  • ATOD Information Dissemination


TRY’s Diversion Program utilizes an evidence-based curriculum to divert students away from the school-to-prison pipeline through programming that supports a drug-free lifestyle and removes barriers to academic success. The Diversion Program is designed to support academic achievement by keeping youth in school and teaching them skills that will support a drug-free lifestyle while removing barriers to success. The Diversion Program provides student services, as well as parent engagement and referrals.


TRY’s services are offered to groups to address risky behaviors associated with substance abuse. Individuals receive supportive services related to accessing intervention and treatment. Outreach efforts heighten awareness of substance abuse and risk factors.


Assessment/Case Management

Provide drug and alcohol assessments and referrals to individuals referred by Adult Probation/Parole at the Community Resource Centers and DRCs. We ensure individuals can access the appropriate treatment services while assisting them throughout the process.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

TRY is licensed to provide D/A Outpatient treatment services. The services include drug and alcohol Level of Care Assessments, Out-patient and Intensive Out-patient treatment through individual and group counseling. The sessions are confidential, culturally sensitive and intended for the under-served and high priority populations.

Recovery Support Services

This is offered by Certified Recovery Specialists (CRS) who work with individuals struggling with substance abuse on a peer-to-peer basis. CRS services are intended to extend and enhance the drug & alcohol treatment continuum by helping to prevent relapse and promote sustained recovery and, if relapse occurs, help minimize the negative effects through early intervention and, where appropriate, timely referral to treatment. Individuals involved with CYS, the criminal justice system and those re-entering the community after release from jail may also benefit from this service.

Youth Case Management

Drug and Alcohol Case Management is an individualized, person-centered support service, targeted to youth with addictive and co-occurring disorders who present with multiple needs and require advocacy and assistance in accessing needed services and supports. The purpose of Drug and Alcohol Case Management is to assist the individual with increasing resilience and self-sufficiency toward recovery. The primary goals of case management services are to increase retention in and completion of substance abuse treatment and increase access to ancillary support services to enhance recovery. 

Annual Community Events

  • African American History Team Competition
  • Drug-free Community Appreciation Day
  • Back to School Celebration
  • Kwanzaa Celebration
  • Recovery Month Activities
  • Tobacco Prevention and Awareness
  • Alcohol Awareness Month Activities

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